Ages Vitamins for Women

First Came Love... Then Came Ages
(with two kids in the middle)

Forty-Something LA-Based Husband and Wife Co-Founders Brad and Amy

We conceived of Ages after emptying out our supplement cabinet to find 48 bottles of capsules, tablets, powders, gummies and whatever other format supplement companies could squeeze together and slap a trendy label on. With two busy careers and two kids added to the mix, we no longer felt like our former athletic selves. It was becoming harder than ever to eat healthy and not just grab whatever 'kid's food' was left around. We felt depleted of energy and looking in the mirror each morning became less and less... exciting. So now what?

Then Came Ages.

After years working with health and wellness brands, we realized that ‘Big Vita’ was taking everyone for a ride. There are supplements for kids and seniors, but everyone in between is expected to take the same 18+ formula or fend for themselves with handfuls of stomach-churning science experiments.

We assembled a team of nutritionists, doctors, and formulators to research and develop a collection of nutrients that have been scientifically studied to benefit us as we age. The result is a compound of 21 vital nutrients, anti-inflammatories, and antioxidants to help support healthy Energy, Immunity, Clarity, Hair, Skin, Nails, Joints, Muscle, Bone, Gut Function and so much more. No fillers, flavors, or funk. Just pure, simple nutrition in a single scoop.

This Is The Beginning...

Soon we'll be launching our 50+ | Essential Female, and 30's + 40's | Essential Male and 50+ | Essential Male. We are beyond excited to be offering Ages to the public. Can’t wait to see what time brings.

 - Amy + Brad